Our Children

Our aim is to provide a homely, caring and stimulating environment for our children where they can develop and learn to their full potential.

Zig Zags is fully inclusive and each child is treated as an individual which is evident in our three playrooms through our planning, play activities and our Special Books, whilst working within the Early years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Cubs Room

(0-2 years of age)

The baby room has its own tranquil sensory/sleep room, which is soothing, a milk kitchen and nappy changing room. The room is separated into two areas, a play area and a creative as well as lunch area.  The babies are stimulated with music, singing, reading, and arts and crafts. During the day, babies have access to both areas of the room and the garden.

Zebra Room

(2-3 years of age)

This room is designed to allow children to gain more independence and increase their confidence as they now start to mature. Table-top activities involving creativity, songs, number repetition, books as well as stimulated play are used to encourage children to develop.

Giraffe Room/Pre-School

(3-5 years of age)

Children are encouraged to be independent and are in an open and playful environment, they move around freely between the indoor and outdoor activities and interact with each other to develop their social skills. 

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